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Idaco's Litters

Litter's alphabet is link to pedigree and pinscher's name is link to photo-page.

I-litter   Idaco's Everlyn Brown X Ceriinan Jerry   05.08.2003
             Ibex (Iiro), red male
             Idefix (Kidy), red male
             Igaros (Leevi), red male
             Inky (Cindy), red female
             Isabella (Bella), red female
             Ismene (Inkku), red female
             Ivette (Peppi), red female

Puppy photos: I-males  I-females

H-litter   Ceriinan Lizz-Minell X Of Lejliden Zellmann   03.06.2000
             Hemmo, red male
             Hermann, red male
             Husari, red male
             Henrita (Nappi), red female
             Hera, red female

G-litter   Idaco's Everlyn Brown X Ceriinan Gerry   12.11.1999
             Gaston (Kassu), b&t male          
             Geppetto, b&t male
             Gulliver (Vertti), red male
             Geisha, red female
             Genoveva (Minni), b&t female
             Grisette, b&t female 
             Gräfin Gitte (Gitte), b&t female

F-litter   Idaco's Cinnie The Pooh X Ceriinan Rene   12.05.1998
             Flying Admiral (Vesse), red male
             Fantasia Fia (Fiiu), red female
             Filly Fiona (Vicky), red female
             Five Penny (Anu), red female

E-litter   Idaco's Cinnie The Pooh X Ceriinan Larry   01.10.1996
             Everlyn Brown (Wanda), red female

D-litter   Ceriinan Ducessa X Of Leijliden Tuff-man   01.01.1996
             Dan Tan Plan (Dante), red male 
             Daus-Mann (Dassu), red male
             Dido Dinwiddie (Dido), red male
             Din Tin Tin (Dini), red male
             Dihu Dihu (Nyyti), red female

C-litter   Ceriinan Ducessa X Dorthonion Castamir-Coire   09.04.1994
             Calle-Armas (Kalle), red male
             Casimir (Bisse), red male
             Cornelius (Korkki), red male
             Chere Celestine (Ina), red female
             Cinnie The Pooh (Sinni), red female
             Clara-Maria (Klara), red female